CNF First Class Nuclear Pipe
OD:Φ920 Wall Thickness:82mm   OD Grove Degree:5°
ID Depth:90mm           ID Grove Degree:2°
Project:China Petroleum No.6 Construction Compressor Station P91 Pipe Cutting & Beveling Project
Pipe OD:914mm,762mm,1050mm;   Pipe Type:Wall Thickness 15-40mm;   Beveling Type:Double V Shape Type(37.5 );   Material Type:P91;
Project Features:Combustible gas equipment requirement of explosion-proof grade higher residual engineering workload,short time,narrow space,pipeline operation.
Project:Daqing Petrochemical Engineering Project
Pipe OD:159mm ,275mm,325mm,377mm,762mm,830mm;  Pipe Type:Wall Thickness 15-50mm;
Beveling Type:Double V Shape Type,U Shape Type,Complex V Shape Type(15°,30°,37.5°,45°);   Material Type:P91,X30,X80;
Project Features:short time,narrow operation space,hard working environment.
Guangxi qinzhou port ten million ton oil refining project
Guangxi Qinzhou port 10 million tons refinery project to provide P321 P304L stainless steel pipe cutting, bevel.
Relates to apparatus:Hydraulic pipe cutter:PHSF150、PHSF300、PHSF450、PHSF600  Pipe:Stainless steel P321 P304L
Pipe specification:Wall thickness: 14-30mm Pipe diameter: 80-550mm
Shenhua better coal group olefin company pipeline engineering
Shenhua Ningxia coal industry group of gangue power plant P91 materials, pipe cutting groove.
Relates to apparatus:Hydraulic pipe cutter:PHSF420、PHSF630、PHSF750 Pipe:P91
Pipe specification:Wall thickness:42-46MM Pipe diameter:630mm 720mm
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