• Hydraulic Driven

    [Advantage]Powerful in output, widely for application. Hydraulic driven split frame can processing thickness over 35mm pipe, it bears adjustable speed control, overload protection, safety and low noise. Contact us
  • Electric Driven

    [Advantage]Servomotor, small in size and quick in action, powerful for overload requirement, and widely in speed adjusting range, powerful and stable, quiet and high efficiency. Smart choice for pipe thickness less than 35mm. Contact us
  • Servo Control Driven

    [Advantage]Pipeline for 35mm within the cutting groove. Advantage, pipeline is suitable for application of special materials. Smooth stepless speed regulation, high efficiency, motor output force, high precision of groove on the case, can choose the servo. Contact us
Product Details

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  Split Frame Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine are widely adopted with kinds of fields, such as petrochemical, beer, dairy beverages, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, water treatment, shipbuilding, electric power Industries. 。
 ■ Applicable Material : Plastic, Copper,Brass,Iron, Common Steel , Aluminum, High-quality Steel, High-quality Stainless Steel , Titanium and etc.
 ■ Rugged design makes it convince to carry and operate.
 ■ Especially useful for large diameter pipes and heavy duty wall pipe.
 ■ Adjustable bearing and button bearing set company together promote reliability and function .Self-centering performance.
 ■ Clamping system easily made the pipe still .
 ■ Clean in cutting & beveling, without glitch, deformation free.
 ■ Suitable for high requirement of welding occasions.
 ■ Variable power resources depends on working requirements.
 ■ Full scale material processing range.
  Smart in size, light in weight and simply to carry, split frame structure fate it for pipe engineering, pipe maintenance and other out door work.
  Cut and bevel simultaneously, clean in cutting & beveling, without glitch, deformation free.
  V, bi-V, X, Y,J,U and other customerized bevel type can achieved .
  Absolute cold processing make these machines are explode-proofing working site.
  Different ways for driven. Different surroundings asking for Hydraulic driven, pneumatic driven and electric driven.
Technical Parameters


Feeding Speed
Rotation Speed
Working Range(mm) Wall Thickness
P◆SF-219-A 0.07 0-35 Φ50-219 ≥50/35/20 34
P◆SF-328 ★ 0.07 0-25 Φ128-328 ≥50/35/20 30
P◆SF-355 0.07 0-25 Φ155-355 ≥50/35/20 39
P◆SF-406 ★ 0.07 0-22 Φ206-406 ≥50/35/20 44
P◆SF-508 0.07 0-20 Φ308-508 ≥50/35/20 53
P◆SF-610 0.07 0-16 Φ360-610 ≥50/35/20 60.2
P◆SF-716 ★ 0.07 0-15 Φ466-716 ≥50/35/20 95
P◆SF-753 0.07 0-12 Φ503-753 ≥50/35/20 112
P◆SF-914 0.07 0-11 Φ664-914 ≥50/35/20 125
P◆SF-1067 0.07 0-10 Φ817-1067 ≥50/35/20 140
P◆SF-1279 0.07 0-8 Φ1029-1279 ≥50/35/20 165
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