NC Pipe Beveling&Facing Machina
 Years of market research and various customers' feedbcak inspire us to design and creat a latest Automatic ID Pipe Beveling machine,whcih is hydraulic driven and unlike traditional knife-feeding and expanding structrue with efficiency and precision.
 ■ Hydraulic driven,dynamic,high efficient.Instead of industrialized production,efficient long-run work.Saving pipe position time of common beveling equipment.
 ■ Auto-driven,auto-expanding,auto-beveling in whole process without manual operation,making a big reduction of labor intensity.
 ■ Small in size,structural components made of alloy for weight-cut.
 ■ Small power station, light in weight,simple in clamping and position,hydraulic expanding with adjustment.application to various pipe-cutting with wide ranges of wall thickness.
 ■ Wide range of beveling for single machine. pipe size from 150mm to 550mm.
Technical Parameters


Working Rang(mm) Wall Thickness(mm) Rotation Speed(r/min)
NBA-550 Φ150-550 ≤150 0-30
NBA-950 Φ550-950 ≤150 0-28

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